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Machizo is a social venture multimedia production service provider. Since inception on April 2005 it provides a variety of digital media production services that includes web design, video production, photography, creative graphics, local content production and media training. Details...

Innovative use of graphics, HTML5 CSS, PHP, Mysql database & Java Script, hype, flash animation and online video distribution. Machizo loves to express the values information with high sense. Machizo found of  Adobe Multimedia and open source technology like Joomla, Wordprss, Drupal, Typo3, Magento  etc  for web applications and eCommerce solutions.

Documentary film  production and video communication is one of the important services. Since inception Machizo produces documentary film, open video, television advertisement and short film on corporate business and social issues. Machizo produce client oriented objective production with Apple, Adobe, Canon EOS and Nikon's technology.

Multimedia reporting, photo journalism, with audio, video and text is Machizo's patience. Through the new media journalism, investigation and research on Human Rights, Millennium Development Goals (MDG), Popular Culture, Good Governance, Machizo does digital campaign widely on climate justice, poverty reduction and equity. 


  • Climate Radio Project has been awarded by ISIF Asia 2012.
  • 'Saving Rice Saving Seed' documentary has received PANAP Film Award 2008/09 in Malaysia.
  • UnnayanTV project has been recognized by Manathan Awarded 2008 and Stockholm Challenge.