Machizo is a multimedia production service center. This social venture provides a variety of digital media production services since inception on April 2005. It provides video production, web design, photography, creative graphics, local content production and media training. Details…

To design website we use creative graphics, HTML, CSS, PHP, Mysql database, Java, jquery, animation, and online video. Along with fresh coding, we develop branded CMS by using Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Typo3, Magento etc open source.

Video journalism, documentary film production are our important services. We provide wide range of audio visual services that include social documentary, TVC ( TV commercial), advertisement and short film production.

We feature life and rights of marginalized community in photo journalism and multimedia reporting.  Universal Human Rights’, ‘Climate Justice’, ‘Millennium Development Goals (MDG)’, ‘Popular Culture’ and ‘Grassroots Reality’ are focus issues.

We are glad, over 200 clients are happy with our video, web, photography and local content production services. Machizo's media work has been recognized by ISIF Asia, PANAP, Manathan Award and Stockholm Challenge. Machizo serves NGOs, media, corporate, development agencies and creative individuals.

Excellence in Media Production


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