Voice of victims from Bangladesh

Voice of SIDR Victims

Catastrophic SIDR storm striked Bangladesh coastal districts Khulna-Barisal on 15 Nov, 2007.  The storm with wave triggered heavy winds speeding at up to 180 kilometers per hour through Heron Point, Khepupara, Dublarchar and coastal areas adjacent to the Sundarbans. Thousands people lost life and vast area’s crop and house was massacres by the SIDR, a [...]

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About Climate Radio

‘No More Change in Climate’ with this slogan ‘Climate Radio’ has started its mission on May 2009. This is an on-demand online radio from Bangladesh. Initially it started mission with publishing the voice of Alia victims. The nonprofit project 'Climate Radio' has been published and edited by Shahjahan Siraj with technical and administrative supports [...]

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Victims | Documentary

Climate Change Reality in Bangladesh, testimony of victims as witness Duration: 7:05 min This documentary portrays the testimonies and climate hearings of victims collected from the spots of aggrieved southern districts of Bangladesh. To make this documentary, we have visited Khulna, Jessore, Shoronkhula, Cox's Bazar, Kutubdia and recorded the grassroots voices that expressed the [...]

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