Voice of victims from Bangladesh

Climate Orphans in Bangladesh

Transcript from Bengali language: ( Duration: 5.00 minutes, MP3 version ) Sidr and Aila are the most recent catastrophic disasters  because of climate change in Bangladesh. In the year of 2007 and 2009 these two catastrophic storms with flood killed at least 3770 people and affect thousand arcs agricultural [...]

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Voice of Aila Victims: Aila, the storm with flood was the second strong tropical cyclone for climate change, did extensive damage in India and Bangladesh. On 27 May 2009, 330 people have been killed, and at least 8,208 more are missing, while about 1 million people are homeless. STORY TELLER  VOICE DURATION Rahman [...]

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Amena Khatun | Climate Widow, Shoronkhula, Bagharhat

There was no option to get off from house! My daughter’s father in law came and I was very busy to take care of them. Suddenly, he said, “Sister, now 10 number early warning signals is announced! We should escape house!” Along with my elder daughter and her husband, we just came [...]

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Climate Tribunal in Bangladesh

Climate Tribunal | 8th Nov, 2010 | Dhaka, Bangladesh Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihood (CSRL), an alliance of local NGOs and civil service organisation, coordinated the shadow “Climate Tribunal”, held 8th Nov, 2010 Monday at the city's Bangabandhu International Conference Centre. CSRL organised the tribunal, aiming to find ways to [...]

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Adaptation Story of Rahman Sheikh and his wife Anowara Begam, Jessore

‘Ducks rearing’ is an alternative livelihood for climate change victims Rahman Sheikh Life is a constant, struggle fighting poverty and the floods. To make a living, we have to adapt to the changing environment here. Women are generally not expected to work beyond the day-to-day chores. So, duck rearing was [...]

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