Voice of victims from Bangladesh

Bangladesh Climate Voice in United Nations ( UN) by Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Power Green Growth, Protect the Planet Global Summit on Climate Change As one of the country’s most Vulnerable  to climate change, Bangladesh attached a high importance to the climate change summit in New   York. As much as COP15 in Copenhagen later this year. Our expectation from this two high label [...]

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Hasan Mahmud | State Minister, Bangladesh

We are struggling for the negative impacts of climate change in Bangladesh. For today’s climate change, Bangladesh and or the climate vulnerable countries are not responsible. So the developed world has responsibilities to the Bangladesh and affected counties. We will rise the issues of responsibility in this forum. I [...]

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Story of Adaptation – Floating Garden

Since last one decade, the nature of disaster, environmental hazards, and weather in Bangladesh abruptly has been changed. The coastal districts of the country continuously have been attacked by unusual storms several times. Sidr and Aila storm with flood demolish in the coastal region including mangrove forest Sundarbons. Now, many agricultural [...]

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