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Machizo team joined in E-Asia ICT4D events

Three of Machizo team members is representing in E-Asia , Dhaka Bangladesh. The three day long largest ICT4D event of Asia will be held from 1-3 December, 2011 with the slogan Realizing Digital Nation, is the annual   international Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for  development  event with the objective of reinforcing technology and  knowledge-centric [...]

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Pot song as an advocacy tools worldwide

Pot song and performance are getting popular worldwide as advocacy tools. There are variations of understanding and opinion amongst the folk culture researchers on the origin of the term POT. However, the majorities are in the opinion that the term is derived from the Sanskrit word “pot’ or “relating to pot”. In general, Pot [...]

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Five tips for journalists to be freelancer

Whether you are longing to ditch daily deadlines or have just been  made redundant, there are a number of reasons to go freelance as a  journalist. Start where you are “There are a hundred million ways to get experience,” says freelance writer and editor  Norris .  Norris recommends working for free if necessary, starting a blog [...]

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Japan Prize 2011: ‘Education on Wheels’ finalist from Bangladesh

Education on Wheels “Adult education for working people can ensure a lliterate society. Resources and infrastructure donot matter. Only willingness, honest devotion and ommitment are enough for society and people.” Kabir Mia (Aguan Society (ASO)/Bangladesh) Official URL: The JAPAN PRIZE was established in 1965 by NHK as International  Educational Program Contest with the [...]

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Bangladesh formally entered the era of community radio

Bangladesh 8 October, 2011: Yesterday at 6-30 p.m.of Bangladesh time honorable Minister for Information and Culture Mr.Abul Kalam Azad inaugurated the launching of Radio Padma as the 1st Community Radio Station on-air in the country. In a colourful inaugural ceremony organized on 7th October at Dr.Kaisar Chowdhury Memorial Auditorium of Rajshahi Medical College, the [...]

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Amitav Reza, a famous TV commercial director in Bangladesh

Amitabh Reza is a well known famous TV Spot makers in Bangladesh. With innovative approach and creative visual presentation with social commitment, his production becomes famous in Bangladesh. On behalf of Machizo, I would like to give thanks for his excellent productions. Amitabh Reza Choudhury is Director Producer of HALF STOP DOWN. From the very [...]

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Films on HIV/ AIDS in Bangladesh

UNAIDS and UNFPA has successfully organized the 1st AIDS Film Festival 08 at IDB Bhabon Theatre hall dated 24th November 08. 20 Films and audio Visual materials has participated in the festival from the 5 agencies. The participating agencies are Action Aid, Family Health International, SMC , UNFPA , USAID and UNAIDS. The four days [...]

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