Social Services on Wheels

GramWeb is a web-based platform developed by Global Communications Center (GCC) to provide a point of information storage and sharing for the 85000 villages of Bangladesh. It enables Villagers at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) to move from information consumers to information producers. They collect the village data, share those worldwide via their own [...]

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Less Contamination

‘Less Contamination’, the video is on training for ITC ( International Trade Centre ) has been produced by Machizo in English and French version. The training film is on cotton contamination reduction along with the cotton to textile value chain has been produced jointly with Square Textile, an integrated textile and clothing manufacturing company [...]

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The video documentary portrays the success stories of IGPF project. IGPF (Income Generation Project for Farmers Using ICT) aims to produce technologies to provide advanced farming knowledge, crop maintenance, and marketing information. Remote area’s farmers will be able to communicate with the experts and market agents with the help of this project and this [...]

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Home of Our Own

Islamic Relief Worldwide Bangladesh has been implementing different types of projects in northwest Bangladesh since 1994, dedicated to improve socio-economic situation of extremely poor peoples. During course of its work, Islamic Relief observed that there are some orphans, their sibling and mothers in every community living in extreme penury with not even a proper [...]

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Homeguti, a popular sports in greater Mymensingh. This is a sports named 'Homeguti' There is competition of showing power. But don't have violence; and having traditions to follow the rules. Without player nobody touch the guti (ball). The aspect of game is, to take the control of 40 kG brass ball by struggle and [...]

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Tale of Madhupur

Blossoms of flowers, song of birds, movement of wild animals, natural growing, and living together of different species are characters of a forest. The Madhupur Shal forest, one of the biggest forest of Bangladesh, is being destroyed for mono cultural plantation. Along with erosion, the soil fertility is declining. The less density of forest [...]

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Eye Sight Rehabilitation

To achieve healthy eyesight for people of the greater Rangpur and adjacent sub-districts of Dinajpur in northwest Bangladesh, Islamic Relief Worldwide Bangladesh initiated Eye Sight Rehabilitation Project. Arrange patients screening program to identify cataract patients - General eye care services - Provide operation services for cataract patients through partner hospital and - Awareness on [...]

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Child Journalist Convention

The Second Child Journalist Convention 2011’. Shishu Prokash (Children Express) was held on 24-25 May 2011 at BIAM Auditorium, 63 New Eskaton, Dhaka. Abul Kalam Azad, MP, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Information, and Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh was Chief Guest of the inaugural ceremony. Dr. AAMS Arefin [...]

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