Cyclone Aila, the storm with saline water flood was the second strong tropical cyclone, caused extensive damage in India and Bangladesh. On 27 May 2009, 330 people have been killed by Aila, and at least 8,208 more are missing, while about 1 million people are homeless.

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The rain drops were like fire ball! The body was burningly insured!
Amena Banu l Shifoltola l Bagerhat

2:52 min
Suddenly water come and washed way all things! We were surprised!
Josim l Shifoltola l Bagerhat

2:22 min
The catastrophic flood was happen! We faced the fear of destroy!
Rofiqul Islam l Shifoltola l Bagerhat

1:47 min
I felt, the last day of the world is happening ! Nobody would life!
Salma Aktar | Shoronkhula

4:28 min
We heard the sound of water from 2-3 km far. Water wave was 4-5 feet high and attacked us.
Rahman | Climate Orphan | Testimony of Aila

2:03 min
I have saved my life and children by summing on flooded saline water by the Aila
Hamida | Aila Victim | Khulna

1:14 min
I saw the big storm of 1988, but of that time did not happen such damage and death….
Aila Victim | Abdul Gaffar | Koira, Khulna

1:11 min
I never saw as much water before. During flood water generally up 9-10 inch, but was 4-5 feet high from road! We were surprised
Aila Victim | Aman | Koira, Khulna

4:44 min
Suddenly a lot of water entered and floating away my house, rice everything....
Farmer Abdur Razzaque | Aila Victim

2:48 min
Houses were floated away and much person died. We can believe that we are alive...
Hazara and Her Sister | Aila Victim | Testimony in Relief Line

6:47 min


 Catastrophic SIDR storm striked Bangladesh coastal districts Khulna-Barisal on 15 Nov, 2007.  The storm with wave triggered heavy winds speeding at up to 180 kilometers per hour through Heron Point, Khepupara, Dublarchar and coastal areas adjacent to the Sundarbans. Thousands people lost life and vast area’s crop and house was massacres by the SIDR, a result of climate change.

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After SIDR I saw only dead bodies around! I lost my husband and babies! Three days later I could find my husbands dead body…
Amena Khatun | Shoron Khula | Khulna

4:47 min
I could not contact over cell phone during SIDR. After three days I could contacted. Among the seven persons of same house, only my brother alive and hang in a tree…
Shafiqul Islam | Shoronkhula, Khulna

1:08 min
I have lost, brother, sister and father during SIDR! I saved life by going in cyclone shelter center.
Setu Akhtar | Shoronkhula

1:25 min
I lost all of my crops, house and poperty...
Rahim Sheikh | Khulna

6:02 min


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Flood with storms never we face before. Sidr, Alila, Rashimi, Bijli, Nargis etc storm are the result of climate change, which making danger in Bangladeshi lives, particularly in coastal region.
Grassroots Activist | Setu | Khulna

9:41 min
It does not help that someone gives lump sum money for rebuild the houses again. It is life issues and issue of existence!
Tanim Ahmed | Journalist

13:27 min
Bangladesh Duck Farmers 080207
A Story of Adaptation

5:02 min
Climate Change is a global issue but it has got impact locally. Everybody knows why climate change is happening that due to increase green house gas emission following the industrial revolution…
Kamal Uddin | Expert, Climate Change Cell

14:19 min
National plan and action of Bangladesh government on climate change and relevant issues
Assistant Director | Environment Ministry

3:30 min
We are struggling for the negative impacts of climate change in Bangladesh.
Hasan Mahmud | Former Environment Minister

0:45 min
Sharing Bangladesh climate change reality in COP16 UN Climate Change Conference 2010
Hasan Mahmud | Former Environment Minister

1:42 min
We must has have to show proper attitude to stop the struggle of existence created for climate change.
Sheikh Hasina | Prime Minister Bangladesh

8:21 min
Climate Voice of Bangladesh in United Nations Climate Change Conference
Prime Mister | Bangladesh

5:18 min