Voice of Aila Victims: Aila, the storm with flood was the second strong tropical cyclone for climate change, did extensive damage in India and Bangladesh. On 27 May 2009, 330 people have been killed, and at least 8,208 more are missing, while about 1 million people are homeless.


2.03 min

Female Worker, Khulna

1.14 min
Abdul Gaffar

Physician, Koira

1.11 min

Shopkeeper, Koira

4.44 min
Abdur Razzaque

Famer, Khulna

2.48 min
Salma Aktar

House wife, Shoronkhula, Bagharhat

4.28 min


Voice of SIDR Victims: Catastrophic storm SIDR strikes Bangladesh coastal districts Khulna-Barisal on 15 November, 2007. The storm with wave triggered heavy winds speeding at up to 180 kilometers per hour through Heron Point, Khepupara, Dublarchar and coastal areas adjacent to the Sundarbans. Thousands people lost life and vast area’s crop and house was massacres by the SIDR, a result of climate change.

Amena Khatun

Climate Widow, Shoronkhula

4.47 min
Shafiqul Islam


1.08 min
Setu Akhtar

Climate Orphan, Shoronkhula

1.25 min
Rahim Sheikh

Farmer, Tafal Bari

6.02 min



Voice of Civil Society and Policy Makers on Climate Change


Grassroots Activist, Shushilon, Khulna

9.41 min
Tanim Ahmed

Journalist, The Daily New Age

13.27 min
Rahman Shaq’s Family

Story of Adaptation

5.02 min

Kamal Uddin

Executive, Climate Change Cell

3.03 min

Spoke Man

Environment Ministry of Bangladesh

1.42 min

Hasan Mahmud

Sate Minister, Bangladesh

0.45 min

Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Bangladesh

8.21 min