BBC College of Journalism website is now open. This online training  resources may help journalists and media content producers in Bangladesh  as well for their work and profession.

The Academy puts training and development at the heart of the BBC and  also works with the wider broadcast industry, equipping people with  skills they need for a lifetime of employability in the ever-changing  media landscape.

The Academy focuses on providing a portfolio of  high-quality training and development. This includes face-to-face  courses, online programmes and a variety of development initiatives, and  ensures that training is relevant and effective for both the individual  and the business.

As  well as training our own staff, we have a remit under the terms of the  BBC’s Charter Agreement to train the wider industry. We aim to share as  much of our training as possible with the wider UK broadcasting industry  for free. We also offer some of our courses on a commercial basis, both  within the UK and abroad.