‘Muslim likes to take good food in holy Ramadan month after whole day fasting pray.  On the eve of Ramadan worldwide especially in Muslim country grow special temporary maker in the street to sell food. The price of such Iftar market comparatively cheap and tasty.  
In Dhaka, Bangladesh, the Chawak Bazar is famous for selling iftar food. Dhakabashi like Mughal style fry and yummy food. The selling slogan ‘Boro baper pola khaay, thonga voira voira loiya jaay” (বড় বাপের পুলায় খায়, ঠুঙ্গায় ভইরা ভইরা লইয়া যায়…) is a familiar to Bangladeshi people which widely used in street market, sit in front of Chawak Bazar Shahi mosque.