Three of Machizo team members is representing in E-Asia , Dhaka Bangladesh. The three day long largest ICT4D event of Asia will be held from 1-3 December, 2011 with the slogan Realizing Digital Nation, is the annual   international Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for  development  event with the objective of reinforcing technology and  knowledge-centric growth  and needs of Asia vis-à-vis Bangladesh,  through capitalisation of market  economy and boosting human  development.eAsia_02_01

This event commemorates the 40th  birth anniversary of  Bangladesh and celebrates the progress of Digital Bangladesh  agenda of  the government. Digital Bangladesh by 2021 vision is a 21st-century   globalized-world form of a vision of equitable prosperity portrayed by  the founding  father of the nation 40 years ago. Since then, Bangladesh  has made significant  progress in human development index and ranks  third in the world.