108, 2012

Easy English learning video

Series of English lessons by Minoo Short, Head Teacher of Anglo-Link will help you to improve grammar skill. There are seven steps in the video with easy understanding. Learn English Tenses Comprehensive guide to mastering [...]

3103, 2012

Digital Campaign Workshop

The workshop on 'Digital Campaign' of  Oxfam was held on 27 March, 2012, in Journalism and Training Research Initiative ( JATRI ) for the CSRL group members from different district of Bangladesh. It covered [...]

1811, 2011

Machizo joined in South Asia Social Forum

'Another South Asia Possible' with this motto South Asia Social Forum held in Dhaka on 18-22 November, 2011. Machizo joined in this regional events and provided web design, photography, event video making services to [...]

1711, 2011

Pot song as an advocacy tools worldwide

Pot song and performance are getting popular worldwide as advocacy tools. There are variations of understanding and opinion amongst the folk culture researchers on the origin of the term POT. However, the majorities are [...]