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1709, 2011

Amitav Reza, a famous TV commercial director in Bangladesh

Amitabh Reza is a well known famous TV Spot makers in Bangladesh. With innovative approach and creative visual presentation with social commitment, his production becomes famous in Bangladesh. On behalf of Machizo, I would like [...]

909, 2011

Films on HIV/ AIDS in Bangladesh

UNAIDS and UNFPA has successfully organized the 1st AIDS Film Festival 08 at IDB Bhabon Theatre hall dated 24th November 08. 20 Films and audio Visual materials has participated in the festival from the 5 [...]

909, 2011

Live Stream of World AIDS Day Celebration in Bangladesh

Machizo live cast the HIV/ AIDS celebration jointly with BDAIDS on 01 December 2011. Daylong online event was webcast from Dhaka street. The international audience enjoy Dhaka celebration from online streaming channel. [...]

1508, 2011

Global Documentary on 11-11-11

Global Voices collaborated 11Eleven Projects worldwide to raise awareness about the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Machizo was implementing partner of Bangladesh. In November, on 11/11/11, Machizo created Bangladeshi development portrait with photos, video [...]

608, 2011

‘Stop Diabetes’ animation

Diabetes is one of the most of rapid growing diseases in Bangladesh particularly to the urban community. Recently in Dhaka, the number of youth patients is increasing whom lives in tension with work overload, [...]