Audio production

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Machizo produces audio documentary and radio report for broadcasting and online distribution. It provides training and technical support on making online radio, shoutcasting and audio streaming as well.

Voice of Climate Victims

Machizo produced a series of interview, audio documentary and online radio reports with the voice of climate victims and activists under its ‘Climate Radio’ project. The ‘Climate Radio’ is the Machizo’s pod casting project that webcasts the voice of Bangladesh on climate change. It has been recognized by the ISIF Award 2012 for publishing voice of voiceless in online. The URL of climate Radio

Safe migration

On the eve of Migration day AMIC and Machizo jointly have produced a radio documentary on ‘Migration Rights’ in Bangladesh for Radio 1812. The feature looks at how unscrupulous recruitment agents have cheated young Bangladeshi men and women, even ripping off their life-savings in return for a promised job overseas, which never materialized. It also includes interviews with Bangladeshi labor ministry officials and NGOs on why nothing seems to have been done in Bangladesh to stop this practice.

Radio Boom

In this online radio report (15:00), we are in Dhaka, Bangladesh where a sudden rise in the operation of community radio stations is expected after the government, for the first time, came up with a progressive and pro-radio broadcasting law in March 2008 that allows ownership of such radio stations to the local community. Bangladesh is the second country after Nepal, among South Asian countries, to make such a move. So far, 116 community radio stations are waiting their final go ahead to be on air.

The rickshaw puller

Forced by famine, floods, and debt, an estimated nine out of ten rickshaw drivers have migrated to Dhaka, swelling the ranks of the city’s urban poor. Rickshaw puller Mohammad Nantu Sarkar and his wife Fatima lead a hand to mouth existence in Dhaka’s slums. They said their story that express the reality of the rickshawpuller community. Listen…

Land Grabbing

The audio documentary on the land grabbing in Bangladesh was produced for Panos London. In rural Bangladesh commonly the poor become victim of land grabbing, sometime happen violence and loss life along with poverty by the powerful class. In this production a case in Bhaluka, Mymensingh district highlighted to express the reality. Listen … […]

Like ducks to water

Bangladesh is repeatedly afflicted by flooding, recognized throughout the world as one of the country’s most vulnerable for climate change.  Life has become a constant struggle to fight poverty and the floods.The production was produced for Panos on the struggle of Amena Begaum, spouse of Shamsur Rahman Shaq in south-western Bangladesh, where they spent four months a year living inundated by flood waters. They said their stories to survive after being forced to give up planting crops on their flooded land. Listen… […]