Amar Odhikar is a forum of civil society. It has been working in Bangladesh to ensure fundamental rights for the poor, marginal and under privilege as well as for all the people in the society .At present; Amar Odhikar Campaign has a strong platform with a network of 41 organizations and individuals.

Amar Odhikar campaign is operating its’ campaign on five most effective regulations of the government for ensuring quality primary education for all the Children of Bangladesh.
Amar Odhikar campaign demands: —

  1. To establish at least one primary school in each village.
  2. To maintain teacher student ratio at 1:30 of national education policy of 2010 ensure sufficient teacher.
  3. To provide mid-day school meal for the students.
  4. To ensure quality teaching provide training for primary school teachers
  5. To incorporate primary education as a fundamental right into the Constitution of Bangladesh.

Many students in the rural areas could not go to school for communication problem. In rainy season many areas remain under water for half of the year. All those are barriers to achieve our goal.

Majority of the population here live below the poverty line. Poor parents couldn’t manage their everyday meal so how could they send their child at school. If we want to ensure fundamental education for each child, government and other organization have to fight against poverty.

On the other hand, regular student attend to school have faced many trouble. Here is a big gap between teacher and student ratio is not same. Educational materials and requirement are not sufficient for them. Even teacher are not well trained. Students often tortured mentally and physically by their teacher. Amar Odhikar believes that the government should arrange quality training for the teachers.

Amar Odhikar believes that its constitutional responsibility of the state to ensure quality primary education for all children. As education is defined one of the basic policies of our government. However, it is not declared as the fundamental right. Amar Odhikar demands education it has to be declared as the fundamental right constitutionally.

Besides, government must ensure primary education for all children who do not go to school at all. Otherwise, the dream to achieve primary education for all children within 2015 will remain a dream.