Documentary on Qurbani Project of IRW Bangladesh.

Qurbani is a practice performed at Eid ul Adha, a celebration in recognition of the belief, humility, and devotion shown to Allah by his Prophets, Ibrahim (pbuh) and only son, Ismail (pbuh). When Ibrahim (pbuh) received a revelation in his dream that he is to sacrifice Ismail, his treasured blessing, at such an elderly age, he informed him of his dilemma and they both entrusted themselves to Allah.
In exercising this uncompromised commitment to Allah, Ismail was replaced on the alter by a ram in acknowledgement of his sincere faith in Allah. In honor of this supreme act and exemplifying the spirit of sacrifice by both noble prophets of Islam, Muslims rejoice each year for the festival of Eid ul Adha. The festival is marked by the sacrifice of an animal, usually a sheep, goat, or cow with a significant portion given to the poor in submission to the will of Allah

In the spirit of Qurbani, Islamic Relief Bangladesh implemented Qurbani Programme 2011 in areas where most of the poor people face food crisis due to rising food prices, higher fuel costs and affected by various disasters such as flash flood, cyclone, water logging, and river erosion. In most cases, these marginalized poor people cannot afford to buy food for their families’ need. Since most of the times, the people have to struggle managing foods for them and family, they do not have capacity to perform Qurbani. As a result, they fail to enjoy the festivity of Eid ul Adha.

Like every year Islamic Relief in 2011, reaches out with Qurbani meat to diverse range of vulnerable beneficiaries like widows, orphans, aged and disabled and the poor among the disaster affected populations. In selecting beneficiaries, staffs of Partner NGOs, volunteers & Project Implementation Committee members arranged meeting with Union Parishad bodies, social elites and community people in the selected unions. In consultation with them, volunteer/PNGOs, prepared initial list of beneficiaries. After cross checking of beneficiaries by the IR representative and PNGOs staff, the list was finalized. They also carefully identify families to ensure those people who need it most.
Qurbani is one of the seasonal programs for Islamic Relief to empathize with those who rejoice the Eid ul Adha without having Qurbani meat. To share the spirit of sacrifice, this year Islamic Relief raised resources from its donor and partners across the world to help the poor people of Bangladesh and distribute fresh and good quality Qurbani meat countrywide.

Under the Qurbani Project 2011, this year meat packets were distributed to 29,280 families across 31 districts of Bangladesh covering 146,400 beneficiaries. Each packet contained an average of 2 kg beef. The packets were distributed to the vulnerable poor families, either through local NGOs, or through community based organizations or by Islamic Relief directly. Islamic Relief distributed the food directly in areas where it has its direct field presence. The covered districts were chosen considering the severity of poverty and natural disaster proneness. The families were selected in group-meetings, in a participatory way with the active participation of the community.

In partnership with Rural Economic Development Program (REDP), Karmayon and Pariber O Shishu Kallayan Kendra (POSKK) at Dhonbari sub-District of Tangail District. Total of 3,000 meat packets were distributed on 8th November 2011. Honorable Minister Dr. Muhammad Abdur Razzaque, Member of Parliament, Ministry of Food and Disaster Management, Government of the People ’s Republic of Bangladesh was present as chief guest at Dhonbari Municipality area and inaugurated the Qurbani meat distribution program to the poor people.

Food insecurity & malnutrition is the core concern for the poor in Bangladesh. The poor people have to remain unfed or half fed most of the time. They are victims of malnutrition. With the generous support of various donors across the world, this program contributed to bring joy and food for 2 or 3 days to the destitute and also complimented other projects of Islamic Relief Bangladesh.