Documentary on the Shohor Banu ( শহর বানু ) is on a grassroots activist on new agriculture system in Bangladesh. Delduars Shohor Banu is a conscious farmer, a responsible mother and a social worker. Agriculture is her working tools for changing the society.


To control insect she cultivates mixed crop, in serious case use powder of jute seed.
She used self-made organic fertilizer. Without any formal education on agriculture she becomes scholar on agriculture. Along with own life she wants to change the cultivation system.

The story of this grassroots farmer may not be recognized by the policy makers but followed by village mates. To save local food, they have established local seed bank, named “Bejar Akhra”. With seed exchange and knowledge sharing. They cooperate each other to cultivate. Such way with the leadership of Shohor Banu, the Naya Krishi Andolon is spreading in the area.

Today, with the spirit of Agriculture and creativity, Shahar Banu has been inspired and enlighten. By singing songs, she spreads the information on saving seed and encourages cultivating local species. In the evening time arrange song performance in yard, however enjoy chemical free food

Direction: Shahjahan Siraj

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