The documentary on the success story of ‘The Optimists’ ( আশাবাদী ) on child sponsorship for Poor children’s education. The Optimist a non-profit and self-motivated volunteer driven USA based charity organization. The primary objective of “The Optimists” is to salvage the Bangladeshi children whose hopes, possibilities, and future have been snatched by poverty, broken families, lost parents and numerous anomalous social conditions.
The Optimists’ observations, Bangladeshi rural children mostly born in poverty and are deprived of education, food, and healthcare. They are often abused, neglected, and forced into child labor. These children have been robbed of their potentials and are pushed into a hopeless future plagued with disease, unemployment, and premature death.

The Optimists run its ‘Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)’ with the money of sponsors that is donated annually. All the money of sponsorship goes to the children without any deduction. Organization’s other expenses are met by the donation collected from the patrons and volunteers.

The documentary has been name with the name of organization itself. It portrays the story of children go received the support. However, it highlighted background, ongoing initiatives, and future plan as well with the voice of children, Bangladeshi reality and coordination team’s experiences sharing.

Shahjahan Siraj has directed the documentary with team of Machizo Multimedia on 2008.