Bangladesh has been identified one of the most climate vulnerable victim country of the world. The main objective of the documentary is to present the Bangladesh reality in the global stage so that, international community can taken initiative and effective policy implementation to save the climate victims as well as our lovely planet.


From February 2007 to October 2009, I have visited most effected southern districts of Bangladesh. I have talked with huge number of climate victims ( ভুক্তভোগী ) in many places, sorted considering the different parameters and effects like flood, storms, salinity, sea level rights, erosion etc. I have tried to discover, along with natural and environmental changes that how are the life changing here. I was surprised to know that parallel to international community the local policy maker also try to explain the poverty for climate change as economical poverty. I was surprise to see the local reality that poor are becoming poorer gravely, marginalized are becoming more marginalized. However, crude reality, grassroots victims do not know that, why the climate is abruptly changing! Why frequently flood and storms are attacking them. Most of the victims said, it’s a curse of natural curses! They don’t have any objection! They don’t have resentment!

Director: Shahjahan siraj
Video editing: J. Alam
Production Associates: Hasan, Rohit, Polash, Devashis
Copyright & Technical support: Machizo Multimedia