1st (Thursday): New Year’s Day (gantan): only 1st January is an official national holiday, but the New Year period (shogatsu) is considered to last until the 3rd, and many business re-open on the 5th.
2nd, 3rd: Officially holidays for bank and government employees only.
12th (Monday): Coming of Age Day (seijin no hi): all young people who turn 20 this year are celebrated on this national holiday.


3rd: Beginning of Spring (setsubun): traditional festival, but not national holiday.
11th (Wednesday): National Foundation Day (kenkoku kinen no hi)


3rd: Girls’ or Dolls’ Festival (hina matsuri): not a national holiday.
21st (Saturday): Spring Equinox (shunbun no hi)


29th (Wednesday): Showa Day (Showa no hi), the birthday of the Showa Emperor (Hirohito).


3rd (Sunday): Constitution Day (kenpo kinenbi) – will be observed on 6th
4th (Monday): Greenery Day (midori no hi)
5th (Tuesday): Childrens’ Day (Boys’ Day) (kodomo no hi)
6th (Wednesday): Constitution Day observed (as it actually falls on the preceding Sunday)


7th: Tanabata (Star Festival) is not a national holiday
15th: Obon (Festival of Souls): although this is not an official national holiday, many offices are closed (Tokyo celebrates in July)
20th (Monday): Marine Day (umi no hi)


15th: Obon (Festival of Souls): although this is not an official national holiday, many offices are closed (most of the country celebrates this festival in August)


21st (Monday): Respect for the Aged Day (keiro no hi)
22nd (Tuesday): This year has a “bridge public holiday”
23rd (Wednesday): Autumn Equinox


12th (Monday): Sports Day (taiku no hi)


3rd (Tuesday): Culture Day (bunka no hi)
15th: Shichi-go-san (7/5/3 Festival): not a holiday but a traditional festival
23rd (Monday): Labour Thanksgiving Day (kinro kansha no hi)


23rd (Wednesday): Emperor’s Birthday (Tenno tanjobi)
25th: Not a national holiday
31st (Thursday): New Years Eve (omisoka): officially a holiday for bank and government employees only. But for many offices, 30th will be the last working day until 4th January.

Public Holidays Only

Date Day Holiday
1 January Thursday New Year’s Day
12 January Monday Coming of Age Day
11 February Wednesday National Foundation Day
21 March Saturday Vernal Equinox Day
29 April Wednesday Shōwa Day
3 May Sunday Constitution Memorial Day
4 May Monday Greenery Day
5 May Tuesday Children’s Day
6 May Wednesday Constitution Memorial Day(Observed)
20 July Monday Marine Day
21 September Monday Respect-for-the-Aged Day
22 September Tuesday National Holiday
23 September Wednesday Autumnal Equinox Day
12 October Monday Health and Sports Day
3 November Tuesday Culture Day
23 November Monday Labour Thanksgiving Day
23 December Wednesday The Emperor’s Birthday

All holiday and celebration

Date Weekday Holiday name Holiday type
Jan 1 Thursday New Year’s Day National holiday
Jan 2 Friday January 2 Bank Holiday Bank holiday
Jan 3 Saturday January 3 Bank Holiday Bank holiday
Jan 12 Monday Coming of Age Day National holiday
Feb 11 Wednesday National Foundation Day National holiday
Mar 3 Tuesday Dolls’ Festival/Girls’ Festival Observance
Mar 20 Friday March equinox Season
Mar 21 Saturday Spring Equinox National holiday
Apr 29 Wednesday Shōwa Day National holiday
May 3 Sunday Constitution Memorial Day National holiday
May 4 Monday Greenery Day National holiday
May 5 Tuesday Children’s Day National holiday
May 6 Wednesday Constitution Memorial Day observed National holiday
Jun 21 Sunday June Solstice Season
Jul 7 Tuesday Star Festival Observance
Jul 20 Monday Sea Day National holiday
Sep 21 Monday Respect for the Aged Day National holiday
Sep 22 Tuesday Bridge Public holiday National holiday
Sep 23 Wednesday September equinox Season
Sep 23 Wednesday Autumn Equinox National holiday
Oct 12 Monday Sports Day National holiday
Nov 3 Tuesday Culture Day National holiday
Nov 15 Sunday 7-5-3 Day Observance
Nov 23 Monday Labor Thanksgiving Day National holiday
Dec 22 Tuesday December Solstice Season
Dec 23 Wednesday Emperor’s Birthday National holiday
Dec 25 Friday Christmas Observance
Dec 31 Thursday December 31 Bank Holiday Bank holiday