Grassroots Thinking on HIV/ AIDS in Bangladesh | বাংলাদেশে এইচআইভি / এইডস তৃণমূল পর্যায়ের চিন্তা:
This is the time to find out the way of “zero transmission” to stop geometrically spreading of HIV. As there is no clinical solution of HIV/AIDS epidemic, we have to find out the root case. UnnayanNews believe “majority people’s participation and involvement” is the best way to ascertain effective solution for any social problems including AIDS pandemic. On the eve of ‘AIDS day 2005 ‘we have produced ‘Grassroots thinking’, Bangladesh first web documentary on HIV/AIDS. The content of this documentary is uncensored opinions of the grassroots people. The duration of the documentary is 8.25 minutes. To represent the grassroots reality, we have focused on, “Muktagacha” and have recorded short interview of rickshaw puller, teacher, shopkeeper, artist, priest, student and youth group. Hope this small documentary will be useful to discover the present situation and trend of majority grassroots people knowledge, understanding and views about HIV/AIDS.